Get Out & Move: Exercise with the Kids for Eye Benefits

Source: Flickr

Source: Flickr

Exercising leads to a huge number of benefits, whatever your age. Just 30 minutes per day can lead to a healthy heart, higher energy levels, and help you maintain a healthy waistline, says Eye Smart. There are also several exercise benefits for eyes in adults and kids: by lowering your risk for high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol levels, you can avoid eye diseases linked to these health problems.

During the winter, it can be more difficult to find the motivation to exercise. Luckily, we have several ideas for fun activities that will get the whole family moving.

Take a Hike

Explore new trails in your area or return to places you have been to before to appreciate how different everywhere looks in the winter.

Get Out of the House

Just because it is cold outside does not mean you have to be stuck indoors. Wrap up warm and spend the day visiting the attractions in a nearby city, take a trip to a museum, or attend a local event that will keep you on the move for the whole day.

Engage in Some Make-Believe

There is no need to travel far for this activity. When you use your imagination (and encourage your kids to do the same) you can pretend that you are somewhere else entirely while you wander around your neighborhood or even stay in your own backyard.

Build a Snow Sculpture

Take snow building to a new level this year and create something elaborate. Best of all, once you have finished, your kids will want to keep playing in the sculpture for the rest of the day.

Play Horseshoes

Work on your hand-eye coordination skills in this competitive game. Easily adapt traditional horseshoes to allow young children to play by using a wide water bottle and pebbles.

All this exercise will be of no benefit for your eyes if you don’t don a pair of shades. Sunglasses are particularly important when there is snow on the ground as UV rays are more intense. Find a pair of sunglasses for your children in the Real Kids’ collection.