Get Creative During International Creativity Month

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Every year in January, the whole world is invited to celebrate International Creativity Month. Founded by Randall Munson, International Creativity Month reminds both individuals and organizations to take advantage of the power of creativity.


To help you inspire your kids – and perhaps yourself – to be more creative, why not work together on some fun crafts and projects this month?! Below are a few ideas to get you started.


Help Your Kid to Become a Superhero
Every child wants to have superpowers and save the day! Parents suggests working together to design a persona and make a matching costume and logo for your kids. To keep the fun going, use the superhero in your role play activities.


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Enjoy Messy Play
Kids love having some time for messy play. Kathy Eugster, a child and family counselor, says to provide your children with sand, water, or play dough along with a range of toys and containers and watch them use their imagination to create a game. Or, get a canvas and some paint and let your kids paint whatever they want.


Involve Kids in Cooking
Teaching kids to cook at an early age is not only an ideal way to provide them with a sense of accomplishment, but also a way to help your kids learn to love healthy foods and to try out something new. One of the easiest and most enjoyable meals to make with your kids is homemade pizza. As She Knows advises, as all you need is a pre-made crust, pizza sauce, grated cheese, and a range of toppings.


Make Musical Instruments
Kids love making music and creating rhythms by beating on pots and shaking noisemakers. Spoonful suggests to combine their musical creativity with a craft activity by making a drum from an empty coffee can. Decorate the drum as you wish with materials like construction paper, streamers, and other items you have around your home. Then, make up a fun beat together!


There are also ways you can inspire creativity on a daily basis without planning specific activities. A few ways to do that include:


Get Rid of Distractions
Myth Busting Mommy advises turning off all electronics. Don’t worry if your kids complain that they are bored, as studies have shown that boredom leads to creativity.


Encourage Curiosity
Kids are naturally curious about the world around them and are always asking questions. Crayola says you can enhance their curiosity by asking kids simple questions that encourage your child to imagine and wonder.


What do you do to encourage your kids to be creative? Leave a comment below to share with us! For more ideas of creative projects to enjoy with your kids, be sure to follow Real Kids Shades on Pinterest.

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