Gear Up for Basketball Season with Protective Eyewear

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Jerseys, shorts, warm-ups, and sneakers aren’t the only gear your budding basketball star needs for their favorite indoor sport. As we’ve previously shared, sports are a top cause of eye injuries among children, so it is imperative that you consider the safety of your child’s eyes when they hit the court this season.


Prevent Blindness America advises that people of all ages participating in sporting events of any kind wear appropriate eyeguards while at play. Using protective eyeguards is the only way to prevent a serious eye injury and reduce the risk of blindness.


basketballHere are some helpful tips for parents looking to purchase protective eyeguards provided by Prevent Blindness America. Armed with these eye safety strategies, little athletes can maintain healthy vision that will allow them to continue to work on their game.

  • First, discuss protective eyeguards with your child’s doctor, especially if they require the use of prescription glasses. The doctor can help fit your child with prescription eyeguards.
  • Don’t purchase eyeguards without lenses in them. Be sure that the lenses will stay in place in the event of impact, or that they will pop outwards if an accident occurs.
  • Look for anti-fog lenses and/or side vents so that your child’s vision isn’t obscured while playing.
  • Only purchase protective eyeguards that are made of polycarbonate. Also, look for protectors that meet or exceed the requirements set forth by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). The ASTM has certain requirements for each sport, so make sure the protectors are appropriate for basketball.
  • Make sure the eyeguards have padding or cushioning along the brow and bridge of the nose. This will prevent any scrapes or cuts in the event of a collision.
  • Also, have your child try on the protective gear before you purchase it to ensure a proper fit.

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