Fun Ways to Celebrate Grandparent’s Day

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A strong bond between grandparents and grandchildren helps to create a sense of belonging for both generations, but for children the relationship is especially important, as grandparents are a link to their family history. The role of grandparents in the family unit has changed quite a bit over the years, though. Nowadays, 4 million children over 3 million households are raised by their grandparents and a total of 5 million children live with at least one grandparent, according to Education World. It is time to honor them and celebrate everything they do on Grandparent’s Day, which is this Sunday, September 8, 2013.


There are plenty of fun activities for parents and children that can make the day extra special for grandparents or the people who may fill a grandparent’s role in your child’s life. Below are a few ideas we like.

  • Go on a Picnic: Hold a picnic where grandparents are the guests of honor and do not need to participate in any of the preparation, Global Post suggests. Get your kids involved by asking them to cook a dish or bake a cake. You can also read poems or sing songs written by the children that are dedicated to the grandparents.
  • Get Crafty: Create something from scratch for grandparents. Better yet, if they have a special skill that your children would like to learn, ask them to teach the kids, Fill Your Plate recommends. Whatever your children make, it will be more precious to their grandparents than any gift purchased from a store.
  • Create a Custom Calendar: It is very easy to make a professional-looking calendar using an online service by uploading digital photos you already have of your family. Urban Sitter advises further personalizing the gift by including special dates such as birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Mail a Card: If your child’s grandparents live far away, you can still mail them a homemade card as a way to celebrate Grandparents Day together. Best of all, you can include a letter that expresses your kids’ love and appreciation of their grandparents.


What do you have planned for this year’s Grandparents Day. Share your ideas and activities that your family uses to commemorate Grandparents Day in the comments section or on the Real Kids Shades Facebook or Twitter pages.

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