Fun Pool Activities for Kids

Kids love spending time at the pool. After all, it’s a great way to cool down and exercise in the summer. Instead of just sticking to water tag, you can help make your child’s day even more fun by playing some of these original pool games.

Source: iStockPhoto via Babble

Treasure Toss

This game from is ideal for increasing your kids’ motivation as they practice their underwater swimming skills. All you need to do is throw a handful of pennies or quarters into the pool. When you’re done, kids must dive into the pool to retrieve these coins, either one at a time or all at once.


This activity from Livestrong can help build stamina and endurance in the water. Your kids should hold hands in a circle with their feet planted on the bottom of the pool. They can create a mini whirlpool in the center of the circle by moving in the same direction. At your call, everyone should stop moving by tucking their feet and legs up toward their chests. Then, they must try and stay in this position, which becomes more difficult as the whirlpool slows down. The winner is the last one to remain floating.

Underwater Race

Kids love to hold races in the pool, and such games are a great way to practice their stroke technique. You can make regular races more interesting by adding this twist from Babble — see who can swim underwater without coming up for air the longest!

Duck Thrust

Another fun game from works best with three or more players. This game requires kids to push a rubber duck to the far end of the pool using only their noses, while other children hinder these players by splashing them or their ducks without making actual contact. Whoever reaches the far end first wins.

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