Fun Long Car Ride Activities for Kids

Many parents dread taking road trips with the kids, especially when faced with constant requests to make stops, complaints of boredom, and “are we there yet?” However, long car journeys can easily be fun experiences. Simply by planning some activities to keep the kids entertained, you can ensure that time flies past.

Fun Long Car Ride Activities for Kids

Source: Pixabay

Fun Car Ride Activities for Kids

Listen to Stories on CDs

Pick a family-friendly novel or short story, and listen together or give each child an audio player and headphones. Kids aged 3 and over can usually follow a complex storyline, but for younger children it is best to stick to fairytales and stories they already know. Toddlers may enjoy pictures books that they can follow along with audio that tells them when to turn the page. Check out your local library for some new stories.

Track the Journey

I Am Momma Hear Me Roar has two suggestions as to how kids can track the progress along your route. One option is to cut out a picture of a car and thread it through a length of ribbon marked with lines at regular intervals. Tie the ribbon to the handles above the driver and passenger door. Every hour, slide the car to the next point in the ribbon. This will help your kids understand how much longer the journey is going to last.

Another option is to print out a blank map and give it to the kids to color in as they pass through different states.

Presents from the Dollar Store

Kids love receiving gifts, especially when presents are wrapped. Pick up some inexpensive toys from the dollar store, and give each child a new gift every hour. Baby Center recommends wrapping presents in several layers to make them take longer to open.

Remember that whenever you get out of the car, you must wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays. If your kids could do with some new shades, why not make sunglasses the main present of the day? You can find a range of styles in our Real Kids’ collection.