Fun Holiday Crafts for Kids

With the busy holiday season fast approaching, it is important to remember what this time of year is all about: spending time together as a family. While the kids are home from school, one great way you can celebrate the holidays together is by making seasonal crafts. The following are some great craft activities you can work on together that are ideal for creating gifts, decorating your home, teaching your kids about different holiday celebrations around the world, or just having fun!


Match Box Gifts from Martha Stewart
This craft and present all in one is a perfect way to get your kids involved in gift giving. Make several unique boxes to give to friends, relatives, and classmates, and personalize each box by including a small gift such as a note, candy, or trinket. If you are stuck for ideas, check out this picture for inspiration of how to decorate boxes.

holiday crafts for kids

Source: Annie Schlechter (Photographer); Martha Stewart

Can It from Parenting
Turn a regular tin can into a stunning seasonal ornament with the above tutorial. This is easy and fun craft to do with kids of any age and is ideal for creating inexpensive presents.

holiday crafts to make with kids

Source: Salsa Pie via Parenting

DIY Dreidels from Parent Map
For a craft that both you and your kids will enjoy playing with after its creation, consider making some super-fast spinning dreidels. Invite some friends over and make dreidels in various color combinations for the best effect. All you need are some toothpicks, colorful construction paper, and a little glue or tape!

homemade holiday crafts for kids

Source: Matzo Ball Soup via Parent Map

Crystal Snowflake from Martha Stewart
Crystal snowflakes are beautiful ornaments that you can use to decorate your home all winter long. The craft will amaze kids of all ages as they watch the sparkly clusters of crystals gradually appear along the pipe cleaner snowflakes.

winter crafts for kids

Source: Martha Stewart

Doll Pin Kinara from Spoonful
If you have older kids in your household, consider a craft that takes a little more time and attention to detail to make. Creating a kinara from doll pins and spools is a great way to teach your kids about another interesting holiday.

holiday crafts for kids

Source: Spoonful

What holiday crafts do you enjoy making with your children? Leave a comment below to share with us!


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