Fun Back to School Crafts for Kids

With summer coming to a close, your family’s go-to crafts, games, and activities may start to lose their sparkle. But instead of letting the end of summer bring you down, let the start of a new school year inspire new creative ways to have fun with kids!


We’ve recently come across some great crafts for getting in the school spirit. These crafts will not only help kids get ready for their first day back, but they will actually get them excited about starting school again! Check out a few of our favorite back-to-school crafts.


Binders and notebooks can be easily dressed up and personalized like these Neon Confetti Notebooks featured on Madigan Made. All you need to create is adhesive, scissors, notebooks, cardstock for the background, and colorful shapes or other paper decorations.

back to school crafts for kids

source: Madigan Made

Isn’t this monster page corner bookmark adorable?! Tally’s Treasury shares all the supplies you’ll need, as well as how to make one. Imagine how much more fun reading will be with a creature like this.

DIY bookmark

Source: Tally’s Treasury

Looking for a way to recycle jeans your kids outgrew last school year? Try your hand at the Nomnom pencil pouch we spotted on Artists Helping Children. This shark pencil pouch is definitely more fun than the pencil pouches you find in the school supply aisle.

DIY back to school supplies

Source: Artists Helping Children

Older kids who are looking to add their own flair to school lockers can use this example from Better Homes and Gardens for inspiration. We especially like the idea of using old CDs as photo frames.

back to school crafts

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

While you still have your craft supplies out, why not make a special gift for your kids to give to their teachers on the first day of school? Willowday’s Apple Sachet filled with lavender is simple to make and teachers will love keeping it in a desk or drawer.

back to school crafts

Source: Willowday

Do you have any back to school craft suggestions? Leave a comment below to share your ideas with us!


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