Fun Autumn Craft Ideas for Kids

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With your kids back in school and chillier days to come, fall can be an exciting time for change and creativity. You and your family can make the most of fall’s bountiful colors and natural materials by creating these fun crafts for kids.

fall crafts for kids
Souce: Let’s Go Fly a Kite

Pumpkin Seed Trees

Next time you cook pumpkin, save the seeds for this collage idea from Smiling Like Sunshine. All kids need to do is draw a tree trunk on a sheet of paper, and then glue the seeds onto the branches to serve as leaves. Lastly, let your kids paint the seeds using fall-inspired watercolors.

fall crafts for kids
Source: The Imagination Tree

Paint with Conkers

Switch paintbrushes for conkers to create this abstract piece of art from Imagination Tree. To start this craft, place a piece of paper in a shallow bowl and apply a few blobs of paint. Next, drop in a handful of conkers and roll them around the bowl. The conkers will spread the paint creating a unique piece of art.

fall crafts for kids
Source: FamilyFun Magazine via Spoonful

Leaf Mobile

Preserve your favorite fallen leaves by turning them into a mobile. Spoonful suggests flattening leaves between the pages of a heavy book for a couple days. Then, remove and sandwich each leaf between two sheets of contact paper before punching a hole in the top and cutting a ¼-inch border around each leaf. Finally, pass a thread through each hole and tie the leaves to a tree branch. You can suspend the mobile from the ceiling or place it in a heavy vase.

fall crafts for kids
Source: FamilyFun Magazine via Spoonful

Acorn Necklaces

Explore the great outdoors and find some capped acorns to make this craft from Spoonful. Carefully remove the acorn caps and drip some tacky glue on the top of each acorn. Stick on a piece of fuzzy yarn for hair and put the cap back on, applying pressure for one minute. Then, draw a face on your acorn and tie a string around the cap stem to complete the necklace.

fall crafts for kids
Source: Martha Stewart

Leaf and Tree Rubbings

For this craft activity from Martha Stewart, take some crayons and a notebook along during your kids’ next walk in the park or forest. Then, just have your children color over tree trunks or fallen leaves to reveal interesting patterns in the bark and veins.

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