Flex-Fit Frames: Made With Kids in Mind

Most kids can’t have nice things for long without breaking them. That’s one reason that many parents are almost fearful about shopping for new eyeglasses or sunglasses for their children. Kids are active and playful, and sometimes their fun and roughhousing can be too much for some pairs of glasses. That’s not the case with the Flex-Fit specs from Real Kids Shades!

The answer to finding the perfect glasses for children is to get them something that is kid proof! Our shades are available with prescription lenses and fit into frames that are designed to withstand the tough life of being worn by kids.

Flex FitWith our specialized Flex-Fit frames, your child can play as they always do while wearing their sunglasses. These fantastic frames are almost rubber-like, which means they can bend and flex, and even be contorted into different shapes before snapping back to their original form. No matter what, our frames will not lose their shape.

The frames are made from a rubber-like material called TPEE that provides both function and style. They’re also available in styles for all age groups, meaning that no matter your child’s age, from baby to teenager, we have the perfect shades. We have looks that can suit any child’s sense of fashion, so your son or daughter can pick out the design they like best.

In addition, the lenses in our glasses are shatterproof! Our polycarbonate lenses won’t scratch or crack, which gives you even more peace of mind that your child’s shades can stand up to any amount of play or abuse.

It may seem strange to talk about sunglasses in the wintertime, but they’re especially important at this time of year. Read more in our last blog and find out why shades and snow should go hand in hand.

Giving your child’s eyes protection from the sun in a cool, yet fashionable way is sure to brighten your child’s winter playtime! Your child can play in the snow outside without experiencing snow blindness and a sunburned cornea. Plus, with Flex-Fit frames, you won’t have to worry about a stray snowball ruining your son or daughter’s shades!

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