Flex Duo – Two Colors = Twice the Fun!

The Flex Duo sunglasses sized for children age three to seven were just introduced this year and have quickly become a customer favorite.  We can’t say we’re surprised! These sunglasses have got it all!

Children love these sunglasses because they are stylish wrap shades in two-tone color combinations.  Kids know these wrap style sunglasses are designed to look “cool,” but what kids don’t know is that they are designed to block peripheral light. The wrap style is also designed for comfort. Real Kids Shades knows that if children’s sunglasses aren’t comfortable, they won’t be worn!

Which color combo would your child choose?


wrap style childrens sunglasses

Pinkand Orange


wrap style kids sunglasses

Purple and Pink


wrap childrens sungalsses

Red and Black


sports style children sunglasses

Orange and Blue

All of our kids’ sunglasses provide 100% UV protection (UVA & UVB) to protect your little one’s eyes from sun damage.  They are also shatterproof and impact resistant so they will stand up to the most active kids (yes, even yours). Visit our website to order online or check out our store locator to find a retailer near you