Five Outdoor Games & Activities to Play with Your Kids This Winter

Just because it is cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t get out and have fun. These winter games and activities are perfect for making the most of the snow or a chilly sunny day with your kids this winter.


Build an igloo or a snow fort
If your kids are bored of building a snowman every year, give them a change by constructing an igloo or snow fort together. For a simple design, pile up the snow with a shovel or your hands, or, for a more complex model, create bricks from the snow and cover the roof and floor with branches to form a comfortable hideaway. Whichever you decide to build, this activity will keep the kids busy for hours. Family Education and Active Kids Club have more complete instructions for igloos and snow forts, respectively.

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Source: Family Education


Paint the snow
Young children will love watching the snow turn different colors in this easy-to-do activity. Hands On As We Grow says to combine water with food coloring, fill some spray bottles or syringes with the mixture, and your kids will do the rest!


Pin the nose on the snowman
Family Education recommends taking this traditional party game outside! After everyone has helped build the snowman, take turns blindfolding each child and see who can get the carrot closest to the right place for the snowman’s nose.

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Source: Family Education


Play Winter Horseshoes
This winter alternative to horseshoes, as recommended by Appalachian Mountain Club, is perfect for a camping trip or winter party. Use a wide-mouthed water bottle as a target and toss small stones from a few yards away.


Make ice balloon art for your yard
Destination Nature offers another creative suggestion for adding some color to the outdoors: All you need to do is add a couple drops of food coloring to some balloons and fill them with water. Then, leave the balloons outdoors to freeze before letting the kids use them to decorate the yard.

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Source: Destination Nature


What outdoor games and activities does your family like to enjoy together during the winter? Leave a comment below to share with us!


No matter what winter games and activities you have planned for your children in the great outdoors, remember to bundle up in warm clothes that will protect the skin from the sun and wind. Make sure you kids use sunscreen on any exposed skin and keep their sunglasses on for all these activities to prevent UV damage and snow blindness. Now through December 31, you can save 30% on purchases made on the Real Kids Shades website, as well as receive FREE shipping*, when you enter the code HOLIDAY13 at checkout!


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