Five Fun Fall Activities to do with your Children

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Fall is one of the best times of the year for enjoying a variety of activities with your kids, as there are so many fun and creative ways you can spend time together. From playing in the leaves to baking fall treats, it’s easy to find seasonal activities all family members will enjoy.


If you need a little inspiration, check out some of these ideas we’ve gathered that are sure to produce lots of laughter and create sweet moments you’ll come to cherish.


Collect leaves for leaf rubbing and other art projects – Gather leaves in the early fall before they become too soggy or crunchy, and enjoy some of these art projects:

  • Make And Take provides instructions of how to do leaf rubbings. The craft is easy to do for kids of all ages and produces effective results.
  • If you want to create a fall decoration for your home, consider making sticky trees, an idea suggested by Twodaloo. Simply provide your kids with a paper cone, leaves, and some decorations and watch their creative side come alive.
  • One more idea comes from House of Noise. By arranging your fall leaves on wax paper, you can make beautiful stained glass windows.
fall activities for parents and children
Source: Make and Takes

Cook with apples – Mr. Food has a number of apple-based recipes that are easy enough to make at home with your kids. Choose between muffins and apple cinnamon rolls to savory dishes and many more. If possible, try to go apple picking with your kids to gather your own apples to cook.

fall activities for parents and kids
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Get ready for Halloween by hosting a pumpkin carving party – Have your jack o’ lanterns ready for Halloween by hosting a pumpkin carving party a few days before. Let each kid choose a pattern, print it out, and start carving. You can find a range of templates at Sweet Happy Life.

fall activities for families
Source: Ladyheart via morgueFile

Go fly a kite – The fall weather is perfect for flying kids. National Kite Month has all the resources you need to safely fly different types of kites in different winds.

fall activities for families
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Visit your local library or bookstore and select some fall themed books – One of the most enjoyable activities for parents and children to do on any day, but especially a chilly fall day, is reading together. Head to the library or bookstore and pick up fall themed books to enjoy together! Delightful Children’s Books recommends Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf, The Stir suggests The Little Scarecrow Boy, and Simple As That favors Apple Farmer Annie, among others.

fall activities for parents and kids
Source: The Stir

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