First Aid Tips for Children’s Eye Injuries

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If your child sustains an eye injury when not wearing protective eye wear, there are several things you’ll want to remember when dealing with said eye injury. You should seek medical help when something like this happens (an eye doctor, a school nurse, your child’s primary care doctor, or a children’s health service should look at your child’s eye as soon as possible), so as to prevent the eye injury from worsening and ensure your child receives the best treatment. But while seeking medical attention, you’ll want to take these steps, according to eyeSmart.

  • The eye should not be touched at all. This includes rubbing and adding pressure to the eye.
  • If your child has a small object stuck in his eye, do not try to remove it. If it is small, lift the eye lid and have your child blink rapidly; this might help tears flush the particle out of your child’s eye.
  • You should not apply eye medication or ointment to your child’s injured eye.
  • If your child has sustained a puncture wound or cut in his eye, the wound should be covered gently.
  • If your child’s eye has been exposed to chemicals, make sure you flush it with plenty of water.

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