Fight Off Fall Allergies with Stylish Sunglasses

Even though the summer blooms have faded, many people are still suffering from grass and plant pollen just like in the spring and summer. Luckily, there are a number of simple ways to reduce your kids’ allergy symptoms this fall.

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How Sunglasses Can Prevent Allergies

Researchers from Turkey recently conducted an experiment to find out what’s more effective in fighting allergies — sunglasses or loratadine nasal spray. They found that participants who used sunglasses reported significantly fewer eye-related problems and required less antihistamine than the loratadine group.

According to Men’s Health, the reason for this is because sunglasses block both pollen and UV rays — two factors that lead to allergy symptoms in the eyes. The study used wraparound sunglasses to decrease the amount of air making contact with the eyes. However, other styles are also beneficial.

Other Ways to Fight Allergy Symptoms

Get rid of indoor plants. Soil from indoor plants can release mold spores, which may cause hay fever and mold allergies. Everyday Health suggests removing any indoor shrubs, trees and grasses if you have pollen allergy sufferers in the family. 

Wash your bedding. A hot wash once a week can help kill dust mites, the number one cause of indoor allergies. If your children suffer from dust allergies, make sure they keep stuffed animals off their beds.

Control indoor humidity. Keep moisture out of your home to limit the growth of mold. Use your dehumidifier or air conditioner to keep humidity around 50 percent, fix any leaks and clean up spills immediately.

Clean your heating vents and change the filter. Before you turn on the heat for the first time this fall, get rid of any mold or other particles in your heating system, advises WebMD.

Add a HEPA filter to your heating system. A HEPA filter can continuously remove pollen, mold and other allergens from the air in your house.

Remember, wearing sunglasses whenever you’re outdoors can help relieve pollen allergy symptoms in both children and adults. Check out Real Kids’ collection of children’s sunglasses to find styles that will stave off your kids’ allergies this fall.