Festive Thanksgiving Crafts to Make with Your Kids

It is nearly time for the much-loved Thanksgiving holiday! While you are busy planning a big feast and accommodations for guests, we know your little ones may wish to help mom or dad out in some way. One of our favorite ways to let kids help prepare for holidays is to make it fun by working on craft projects together. We have found some festive Thanksgiving crafts you can make with your children to decorate your home for family and friends that come to enjoy the holiday.


Using some recycled items and basic craft supplies, these crafts we have compiled will not only have the kids beaming with pride over their projects, they are very easy to complete, too.

Thanksgiving crafts

Source: Parenting.com

Using just a paper coffee cup, some stir sticks and paper rectangles you can create a charming model of the Mayflower fit to sail the highest seas.

Thanksgiving crafts for kids

Source: Kids Activities Blog

Acrylic craft paints used to make hand prints on aprons or t-shirts are just begging to be turned into turkeys that will make wonderful keepsakes that mark children’s growth.

Thanksgiving art projects

Source: Spoonful.com

Save some empty cardboard toilet-tissue rolls and felt scraps to make a jaunty little Pilgrim Pal that will “sit in” on the festivities. This little decoration can sit proudly on any shelf or table.

thanksgiving crafts for families

Source: Family Fun Magazine via Spoonful

With card stock, paint and markers your school-age children can create pop-up Pilgrim place holders and decorate them to resemble each of your guests at Thanksgiving dinner.

thanksgiving craft ideas

Source: Makezine.com

Although the creation of a “Thankful Tree” is more complicated than the other craft projects above, we could not resist sharing the idea. It involves crafting a tree-like display and reusable chalkboard-painted leaves upon which everyone writes what they are thankful for. We think this is a wonderful craft to help teach children the meaning behind Thanksgiving, and involve your guests as well.


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