Fashion Forward Flex-Fit Glasses Great for Outdoor Adventures

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Our shades with Flex-Fit™ technology can bend, twist, and flex in any direction, meaning that, however hard your kids try, they will not be able to break the frames. Many sunglasses for the youngest age groups in the Real Kids collection feature this technology, keeping shades safe from those little but powerful hands that often seem to destroy everything they touch.

The flex fit sunglasses are great for on-the-go. Source: Real Kids

What Is Flex-Fit Technology?

Frames featuring Flex-Fit technology are made from a thermoplastic polyester elastomer (TPEE), which makes them resistant not only to breakage but also to extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Plus, they offer high impact-resistance: Flex-Fit frames will not shatter, nor even scratch, when struck by a fast moving object, providing greater safety for you kids during all their outdoor activities.

Where Can You Find Flex-Fit?

Flex-Fit frames are present in some of our most fashionable shades:

  • Surf, available for Toddler (2+), Kid (4+), and Youth (7+). This iconic style comes in neon blue, neon green, neon orange, neon pink, black, and red.
  • Sky, available for Toddler, Kid, and Youth. Another classic design, choose between black, aqua, neon pink, neon blue, neon green, pink, and royal.
  • Breeze, available for Kid and Youth. These incredibly stylish shades have wraparound lenses to protect a greater area of the face and prevent light from entering the eyes around the edges of shades. The sunglasses come in the color combinations cherry pink/lime, purple/navy, white/hot pink, and aqua/pink.
  • Breeze Polarized, available for Kid and Youth. These sunglasses are just like Breeze but feature our P2™ Lens Technology, which polarizes lenses to reduce glare by 99 percent to improve visual comfort when near reflective surfaces such as water, sand, and concrete. They are available in all the same color combinations as Breeze plus pink/pink and light green/green.

You can find all these shades along with the best kids sports sunglasses around in the Real Kids collection. Purchase a pair for you kids to prepare for all their outdoor adventures this summer.

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