Fun Outdoor Activities You Haven’t Thought of This Winter

The holidays have passed and spring is still far off. It’s that time of year when it’s not uncommon to come down with cabin fever. Once you have exhausted your indoor activities – books, movies, games, and crafts – you might feel the need to get up, get moving, and most importantly, get some fresh air.


If you live in a place that gets a lot of snow, it often feels as if your kids never run short of fun things to do outside. Building snowmen, sledding, skiing, and even a friendly snowball fight keep kids entertained for hours. But what about those days when they are tired of these activities or those days when there’s not enough snow (or no snow at all)?


Inspired by an article from the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), here are some fun outdoor activities your entire family can enjoy even on a dreary winter day. The next time your family has a case of the winter blues, consider trying one of these.


Look for animal tracks – If there’s a light dusting of snow, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to spot animal tracks. Make it a game by seeing who can correctly identify the animal by its footprints.

outdoor activities for winter

Visit a nearby playground – Playgrounds aren’t just for spring and summer! And when sprinkled with snow, playgrounds make for a great photo op. Just be sure to check the equipment for slick icy spots before you begin playing.

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Host a Wacky Winter Olympics – Invite some friends or neighbors over for some friendly competition with a set of silly games. We especially like the NWF’s idea of a Polar Bear Swim. Give each player a bag filled with swim goggles, a towel, and an old adult swimsuit or flippers, and then see how fast they can put it all on over their outdoor clothes, take an imaginary swim around the yard, and then take it all off and put it back in the bag.

outdoor activities for winter

Take the earth’s temperature – Find a patch of soil that isn’t frozen stick a soil thermometer in the ground. Pretend you are on an important mission! See how the earth’s temperature compares to the air temperature. Check a few locations to see what the difference is throughout a few spots in the community.

outdoor activities for winter

What are some other ways you keep your family entertained and active during the winter? Leave a comment to share with us. Follow Real Kids Shades on Pinterest for more fun activities and ideas.


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