Equip Your Baby With Adorable Sun Protection!

All babies need a special dress code when it comes to protecting their fair, sensitive skin. And this dress code is necessary no matter how short or long they will be outdoors.

To meet this need, Real Kids Shades offers the Sun Hat Combo Pack which includes everything you need to protect a baby’s precious face from the dangers of sun exposure. The Sun Hat guards a baby’s entire face from the sun with a protection of UPF 50 and fits snugly with a Velcro closure chin strap. The coordinating sunglasses are designed with a soft, adjustable band to hold them in place and fit comfortably on your baby.

Baby Eye Protection

Eye Safety for Children

With its custom design and adorable colors, the Sun Hat Combo Pack is a charming set for any baby. It makes for a great gift for expectant mothers or a perfect first birthday present. Check out Real Kids Shades on Facebook to see more examples of our children’s sunglasses. Also take a moment to enter to win our Back to School Gift Card Giveaway and claim your 20% Discount, too!