Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

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There’s no better opportunity than Thanksgiving to create crafts with your kids and decorate your home. Listed below are some of our favorite and easy-to-make Thanksgiving craft ideas that are simple enough to create with kids of any age.

Source: Wendell T. Webber via Parenting

Invitation Cards

Invite guests to dinner with leaf note cards inspired by Parenting. First, apply a light coat of paint to one side of a leaf. Next, press the leaf onto a folded sheet of construction paper, and then peel the leaf off. Wait until the paint is dry before writing your invitation.

thank you board
Source: BHG

Daily Thanks Calendar

Draw your kids’ attention to the small things they’re grateful for with a daily thanks calendar, suggested by Better Homes and Gardens. Mount mini craft envelopes on a piece of painted foam core, and then number each envelope for the days leading up to Thanksgiving. Family members should write short notes every day which can then be read after Thanksgiving dinner.

thanksgiving craft
Source: Buff Strickland via Parenting

Turkey Place Cards

To make this craft from Parents, glue together three corks to form a triangle. Stick a ball of yarn on top of the corks to form the turkey’s head and glue on beads for the eyes. A folded diamond of orange felt works well as the beak, while three teardrops of red felt can be added for the wattle. Lastly, stick a plumage of feathers on the back of the corks, and display your guest’s name on a piece of craft paper attached to a toothpick.

turkey placemat
Source: BHG

Turkey Place Mats

This easy-to-make craft from BHG gives your kids the chance to get creative. Cut out two circles of construction paper — a small one for the head and a large one for the body. Kids can then use whatever materials they find to create the turkey’s feathers, beak and feet.

Source: BHG

Thanksgiving Scrapbook

For this BHG idea, ask every family member to write down one thing they’re thankful for and stick the ideas in a scrapbook. You can continue this tradition year after year to build up a book of memories.

While you’re making these crafts, keep in mind that sun protection for kids is important even during the winter. Make sure your kids are wearing shades whenever they head outdoors this Thanksgiving. You can find stylish, polarized sunglasses your kids will love wearing in the Real Kids’ collection.

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