Easily Add Sunglasses to Your Amazon Wish Lists

Amazon Wish Lists allow you to create and share lists of items you want. You can create different lists for everyone in your family or for special events. Amazon allows you to select a privacy setting for each list, so you can let others view the lists or keep them private.

Amazon Wish Lists are the obvious choice for registering for a baby or wedding shower since you can find gifts from all over the web. They would also come in handy for sharing birthday or Christmas gift ideas with family and friends. Just imagine—Grandpa or Grandma could purchase sunglasses in just the right color and style for your infant or child without having to worry about sizing or style choice.

You’re also able to search through Amazon and take a look at friends’ wish lists; you can even leave a comment about what they’ve selected! This is another way to connect and interact with the people you care about.

We’ve made it easy to add our cool children’s sunglasses to your Amazon Wish List. Just click on our Products Gallery, select your favorite sunglasses and click on the “Add to Wish List” button. What could be easier?

Which sunglasses are you going to put on your Wish List?