Durability + Style = Bolt & Breeze Sunglasses for Kids and Youth

We’ve already introduced our new Explorer, Sky and Surf, and Fly and Shine shades, but there are still more great styles to share from Real Kids’ new and improved sun essentials for kids! Today, we’re introducing the Bolt and Breeze styles, available in  Kid (4+) and Youth (7+) sizes.



Bolt Shades in Royal/Green

Bolt Shades

Bolt shades make a great alternative to banded sunglasses with their wrap-around frames that still minimize exposure to peripheral light. These children’s sunglasses are perfect for little ones who want to wear a pair of shades that look like Mom and Dad’s. The fashion-forward frames are available in two-tone color options of black/lime, black/red, navy/red and royal/green.


Designed with young wearers in mind, Bolt shades are super flexible with their Flex Fit™ frames, which can survive any amount of wear and tear, while remaining extra comfortable. Like all our sunglasses, Bolt shades have 100 percent UVA and UVB protection and feature impact resistant, shatterproof polycarbonate lenses to protect your kids’ eyes as best as possible. You also have the option to purchase this style with P2 technology, to polarize the professional grade polycarbonate lenses, or without.



Breeze Shades in Purple/Navy

Breeze Shades

These stylish, oversized, squared-off frames are reminiscent of those Jackie Onassis once wore. The iconic style is created through flexible, wrapped polycarbonate frames (to lower exposure to damaging UV rays); large, shatterproof polycarbonate lenses; and classic rubber-tipped temples for added comfort. Breeze shades come in a number of color combinations — aqua/pink, cherry pink/lime, purple/navy and white/hot pink — so you’ll be able to find a pair your child loves. Just like the Bolt sunglasses, Breeze shades are available with or without P2 technology.


You can purchase both styles of sunglasses through the Real Kids website, where you can also check out our other styles for Kids, Youth and other ages and stages. You can also search for a retailer near you on our website