Don’t Lose Your Shades with these Tips

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SunglassesWhen you’re out enjoying a beautiful day with your friends, losing your sunglasses can really put a damper on your day. Don’t find yourself without your glasses – check out these tips to help you keep your glasses safe and secure.

Keep in One Place

One way to make sure you don’t lose your glasses is to have a designated place to leave them no matter where you go. If you are leaving your home or office for the day, for example, if you always you’re your glasses in the same drawer, they’ll always be there waiting for you to use.

When Out – Have a Plan

If you are planning on having lunch outside with a few close friends, have a plan of where you are going to put your sunglasses once you’re there. Similar to the previous tip, knowing where they are and where you’re going to put them will go a long way in making sure you don’t lose them. Whether you’re storing them in a bag or purse or keeping them in your car, make an effort to pick a place and know where you leave them

Keep Them on You

Heading to a party? Don’t just place your glasses down on a table or in another room. This is an easy way to lose track of them. By putting them down, you also run the risk of forgetting about them or, worse, losing them to someone else who accidentally grabs your sunglasses and leaves with them.

Give Them a Partner

If you are a girl and you’re heading out on a sunny day, chances are you the two items you have on you are your sunglasses and either a purse or clutch of some kind. When you get to your destination, place them somewhere together. It’s easy to lose track of sunglasses due to their size, so pairing them with something bigger will serve as an anchor to help you keep track of them easier.

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