Don’t Ignore Winter Eye Safety

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When the summer approaches, parents are quick to buy sunglasses to protect their children’s eyes. But did you know that eye protection is just as important during the winter?


Because the sun sits lower in the sky during the winter, and at a different angle, harmful effects on the eyes are actually more common than in the summer. This is especially true for children who play sports during the winter and may be subject to “snow blindness”. Therefore, the right eye protection will be a must over the next few months.

According to Richmond Eye Associates,

  • Children have one of the highest risks for sun damage because they tend to spend longer hours outdoors in conditions that create the most exposure to ultraviolet light.
  • Exposure to ultraviolet in childhood may be more damaging than exposure in adulthood.
  • Children’s eyes need to protected, as they are more prone to sun damage because their natural lenses are clearer.
  • It is important for parents to understand the danger of ultraviolet light, and the importance of protecting children’s eyes now, when it will offer the most benefit.

Protecting your child’s eyes now is much safer (and cheaper) than having to treat eye damage later. Click here to find one of our convenient Real Kids Shades locations in the Southeast!

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