Don’t Forget to Take your Kids to Their Annual Eye Exam

Don’t Forget to Take your Kids to Their Annual Eye ExamIf your child wears glasses or has complained about their vision in the past, it’s extremely important for you to take the time to have their eyes examined at least once every year. The start of school is a great time to do it, since an estimated 80 percent of the learning your child does in school requires visual attention. If your child can’t see clearly, it could inhibit their ability to effectively absorb new material in the classroom.

Despite these obvious concerns, a study conducted by VSP Vision Care and YouGov found that about half of all parents in the U.S. don’t take their kids for eye exams when they return to school each year. Part of the problem is that, unfortunately, many parents aren’t aware that they should be taking their kids for regular eye exams regardless of whether or not they have had vision issues in the past. In some cases, parents simply forget to make these eye appointments. Others might assume that the eye exams administered in school are enough to provide adequate care for their kids’ eyes.

If you have children, you should make sure they have a comprehensive eye exam at least once every year. Even if they aren’t of school age yet, it will allow you to address issues with their eyes early. It’s much easier for eye doctors to identify and treat issues when they’ve been monitoring a child’s eyes over time, rather than trying to address them suddenly when a child complains of problems with their vision.

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