Do Sunglasses Expire? A New Study Suggests They May

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SunglassesWe all know that sunglasses are important. They protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. We know that a nice pair of sunglasses is a great investment not only in your eye health, but also in your sense of style.

Not wearing sunglasses can lead to issues down the road with your eye health, including melanoma, cataracts and much more that can be caused by exposure to UV rays. Sunglasses can even act as a barrier against physical elements, such as wind and sand, or offer protection for a child during rough play.

With all these benefits, you want to make sure that your sunglasses offer the greatest protection possible, but new studies have shown that it is actually better to replace your sunglasses after a few years. A specific Brazilian study has shown that the protection from UV rays can decline in glasses over time. As the Daily Record reports, this means that they can actually offer diminished protection after a few years of use.

Some doctors argue that different types of lenses are affected differently and the two-year finding may not apply in all cases. Since this is a relatively new finding, some argue that placing a specific amount of time on it would not be accurate and more research is planned to try and determine if overall exposure, manufacturing methods or other factors play into the wear rate of different sunglasses.

Even with the finding, doctors don’t believe you should throw out your current glasses. The rate at which this protection fades is still not clear, and even with a bit of wear, two-year old sunglasses still offer a great deal more protection than nothing. Sunglasses should, instead, be replaced when they are showing significant symptoms of wear, such as scratches or broken frames.

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