Develop Your Infant’s Hand-Eye Coordination

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Between the age of one and four months, babies start to gain control over their movements. This begins with reaching, grabbing, and pointing and later progresses to major developments like crawling and walking. Actively practicing motor skills with your baby will improve hand-eye coordination and build strength, explains Parents. Here are a few methods to try.

Source: Shutterstock
Source: Shutterstock

1. Hang a Mobile over the Crib

Start encouraging hand-eye coordination by hanging a mobile over your baby’s crib. Between three and four months, your baby will reach out and try to touch the object. When your child is able to grab the items, it is time to remove the mobile and move on to a new activity.

2. Get Your Baby’s Attention

At around four months, engage your baby in play by shaking plastic keys in reaching distance, suggests edHelper Baby. Your baby will follow the movement and try to grab the keys.

3. Hold Out Favorite Toys

Once your baby is able to sit up in your lap, hold out favorite toys, advises KidsHealth. This will teach your baby to focus while in a new position.

4. Practice with Smaller Items

It takes increased skill to focus on and pick up small items. Once your baby reaches about five months, start practicing with smaller objects — although nothing tiny enough to pose a choking risk.

5. Play with Rattles

Rattles are a great way to teach coordination at the same time as cause and effect, as you baby will realize that shaking the rattle causes the noise.

6. Create a Diverse Toy Box

Between nine and 12 months, your baby will begin to develop the ability to manipulate objects. At this time, introduce a variety of interesting objects with moving parts to your child’s toy box. Give your infant the chance to learn how to use hand-eye coordination to perform tasks like opening doors, spinning wheels, and pressing numbers on a keypad.

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