Curing Common Colds without Drugs

child blowing noseTemperatures are quickly changing and your little one is susceptible to catching colds around this time of year. Mix in other kids from school and daycare and your child will sure catch the common cold at some point during the cool weather. Since cold and cough medicines are no longer recommended for children 4 and under you may feel like there is nothing you can do. Even though you can’t use over the counter options there are some at-home remedies to help soothe your child’s cold. Consider these common cold cures that don’t contain drugs the next time your child catches a cold:

  • Lubricate little noses:  Lubricating the nose will relieve irritation and help open nasal passages making it easier to breathe. Mist vaporizers or nasal sprays work well. If you must use a nasal aspirator limit it to a few times a day to avoid further irritation.
  • Serve classic chicken soup: Chicken soup has anti-inflammatory agents that will clear stuffed noses and calm irritated throats.
  • Give them Popsicles: Ice pops will cool sore throats and keep you child hydrated. Try those made from 100% juice because they contain less sugar.
  • Try something sweet: Small amounts of honey will help calm coughs in children over the age of one.

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Image from Real Age.