Cuddle Up With These Cute Valentine’s Day Crafts

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Valentine’s Day is all about love. Celebrate with your children by spending time on fun and interactive crafts. Your kids will love the chance to be creative, but more than anything, they’ll love having your attention. If you’re not sure where to begin even thinking of a Valentine’s craft or if you’re a mom who does so many crafty things during the rest of the year that you’re running low on new ideas, we hope these suggestions will give you some needed inspiration!


1. Valentine’s Day Poem – This idea from Kaboose melts our hearts. Print out a favorite poem or a meaningful story on piece of colored paper. Let your little one(s) make hand prints around the script and then add a picture to complete the project. This would be a fun activity to do and the final product would make a touching Valentine’s Day gift for your spouse or the grandparents.

Valentine's Day poem
Image via Kaboose

2. Paper Love Bug – This craft also comes from Kaboose, and we think this one is hard to beat when it comes to cuteness. All you need are toilet paper rolls, construction paper, and pipe cleaners to create these critters. While the example is pretty girly, add a few super hero stickers and we think the boys will love this craft, too.

paper love bug
Image via Kaboose

3. Yarn Hearts – These hand stitched cards from are a great craft for older children. Let them choose their own colors and customization. Again, these would make great gifts for the family. You can watch a video on how to make these yarn hearts here.

yarn hearts
Photo by Tara Donne. Image via

4. Heart Jello – This activity from is fun and yummy. The best part is all you have to do is chill alternating layers of condensed milk and gelatin. Eat your heart out!

heart jello
Image via

5. Aluminum tape Valentines Cards – Ok, these cards from definitely top the “cool idea” list. This project is a little more involved in terms of the supplies you’ll need (we’re guessing you don’t have aluminum tape just lying around), but the results are worth it.


While these crafts are great on their own merit, there is an infinite amount of ways you can customize them for your family. Use these ideas as a starting point and see where your imagination and your child’s ingenuity take you! Make sure to share photos of your Valentine’s Day projects with us on our Facebook page.

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