Cross Country Skiing with your Infant or Small Child

Image via Paddle Boston

Parents are always looking for ways to get in their outdoor time and exercise while bringing their infant along for the ride. A mom or dad pushing a jogging stroller as they get in their cardio is a common sight. Parents can even take their young ones along for the ride while they cross country ski thanks to the increasing popularity of sleds or pulks. Bringing your child along for you on a ski in a pull is much safer than carry your child in a back pack. To learn all about cross country skiing with your child plase visit the xcskiworld website.

If you take your infant or toddler along for a ski, eye protection is a must! Be sure to outfit your child in quality sunglasses that protect their fragile eyes from UVA and UVB rays. Even if a baby is not actually doing the exercise they are exposed to the harmful rays of the sun.  Whenever you put on your sunglasses put on your child’s too.  Sun damage to both skin and eyes builds over time so start putting sunglasses on your child every time you are outside – especially for prolonged periods of time.