Cross Country Skiing, Fun for the Entire Family

Real Kids Shades Xtreme Elements sunglasses

Real Kids Shades Xreme Elements

Thinking about taking a cross country skiing trip? Go ahead and take your kids with you. Cross country skiing has been a growing trend for winter family vacation for many years. It is such a popular option for families because it is easy to learn after one to two hours of basic instruction, and it is great for all ages. Once your family begins it’s mellow and relaxing for adults and fun for kids. Cross country skiing also poses great health benefits for adults and children. The sport forces you to work every major muscle group in the body making it one of the best aerobic activities. What could be better than a family vacation that combines exercise and fun?

Before you head out for cross country skiing it is extremely important¬† to remember eye wear for you and your children. As we stated in our Winter Eye Protection post, UVA/UVB are still present. With the change of the sun’s position ultraviolet light is currently at its strongest. And because you will be around snow all day cross country skiing, damage from UV rays increases even more for your child. Snow reflects more UV rays than any other surface increasing their chances of ‘snow blindness’.¬† With a pair of Real Kids Shades for your children and the correct eye wear for you, cross country skiing can be an enjoyable family trip full of health benefits. Grab your skis and enjoy!