Creative Twists on the Easter Egg Hunt

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An Easter egg hunt is often the highlight of family Easter activities. Why not make it a bit more fun with these clever twists on the traditional hunt?

  • Send the kids out after dinner for an evening hunt with flashlights. Everyone will love the change from the traditional afternoon hunt.
  • Assign each child a different color egg. You can then adjust the level of “difficulty” based on each child’s age. This will also assure that everyone gets their fair share of eggs.
  • Stuff some of the eggs with numbers. The numbers correspond to treats or toys that won’t fit in the eggs. Children can then barter and trade the toys like a Yankee Swap.
  • Let the children hide the eggs for the grown-ups, and put a significant dollar amount in one of the eggs to make it interesting!
  • Have the egg hunt be a treasure hunt to find an Easter basket. The child is given the first egg, and the clues will then take them to a series of eggs that eventually lead them to their basket.
  • Hide a golden egg with an extra special prize. This is a great way to make an egg hunt more interesting for older children.

Add to the fun by giving each child a pair of colorful sunglasses for the hunt! You will be protecting their eyes from harmful rays and adding another element of fun. Just imagine how cute the pictures will look if everyone is sporting a pair of Real Kids Shades!