Comfortable Sandals & Proper Sunglasses the Fashion Trend at the Beach

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Sandals are a great type of footwear for kids: they are easy to put on without help, keep feet cool on hot days, and come in a range of designs, colors, and materials. This summary of styles from eBay, combined with our recommendations for shades, will help you create a fashionable, comfortable outfit for your kids to wear to the beach.

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Jelly Sandals

Introduced to the market in 1946, jelly sandals are now available in every color of the rainbow. They are perfect for tots and young kids who want to paddle in the water. We recommending matching the colors with a pair of Explorer shades for Baby, Toddler, or Kid.

Saltwater Sandals

Another style that has survived the ages, saltwater sandals were invented in the 1940s, but you can still find them across Western and Southern markets in the U.S. The sandals are made of treated natural leather in strips and feature a buckle around the ankle. Check out Breeze shades for Kid and Youth to complete your kids’ look with these sandals.

T-Bar Sandals

T-bar sandals come in a wide variety of designs, but they all have in common the t-shaped leather strap across the top. Whether your Tween is using t-bar sandals for a casual or elegant look, pair them with Shine shades.

Flip Flops

The most informal of footwear, kids love flip flops because they are easy to slip off, and parents appreciate the flexibility of size, meaning there is no need to continually upgrade to a larger sandal. Older kids often like flip flops the most, so pair your Tween’s with easy-going Swag shades.


Lightweight, slip-resistant, odor-resistant, and easy to put on, Crocs are particularly popular with young children. Pair with eyewear that is just as tough, such as Surf for Toddler, Kid, and Youth.

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