Cloudy Days and UV Rays

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Did you know that the sun’s rays can slice through overcast skies, clouds and even rain? It’s true! Even on cloudy days, UV rays are as powerful as ever. Just because you may not feel the warmth of the sun doesn’t mean you’re protected beneath a cover of clouds.

According to American Scientist, clouds can sometimes reduce the amount of harmful UVA and UVB rays that reach the Earth’s surface, but clouds aren’t powerful enough to stop the rays completely. In fact, sometimes, cloud cover can actually increase the amount of radiation that your skin gets. Sounds odd, right?

Even though clouds do reduce visible light, they do not block UV rays – and in fact, some studies have shown that clouds can actually increase the amount of UV ray exposure by as much as 75 percent, reports ZidBits. Some scientists say that this could be due to the enhanced reflective power of big, cumulus clouds. If a ray of UV light leaves the surface of the sun, and is reflected and bounced around a cloud, it becomes more powerful by the time it hits the surface of the earth.

HealthCentral recommends that people wear sunscreen and sunglasses every day, even when it’s cloudy. Though you’re not experiencing direct sunlight, UV rays can still increase your risk of skin cancer on a cloudy day and you can even still get sunburn when it’s cloudy!

That’s also why it’s important to always protect your eyes, not just when it’s hard to see because of the bright sun. Here at Real Kids Shades, we think it’s important to wear shades any day of the year, including the cold, cloudy overcast days when you think the sun might not be able to find you.

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