Chester County Bobcats Wear Real Kids Shades

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We love seeing real kids in Real Kids Shades because until kids reach the age of 10 they have an increased chance of suffering permanent retinal damage from sunlight. As we are committed to getting the word out about kids’ eye protection, we were thrilled to have the chance to sponsor the Chester County Bobcats 10 and under baseball team located in Pennsylvania.

We outfitted the entire team in our high end protective sport sunglasses to wear whenever they play. The Xtreme Sports sunglasses are perfect for active kids and athletes. They feature a mesh-line adjustable neoprene band, a wrap around design to protect against peripheral light and 100% UV/UB protection to name a few. To learn more about our sports sunglasses and other styles ,visit our Real Kids Shades website for details and purchasing information.

Chester County Bobcats 10u in Real Kids Shades
Chester County Bobcats 10u in Real Kids Shades
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