Check Out Our UV Protective Swim Goggles

“Kids swim!” To adults, these two words mean you better move all dry articles of clothing out of splashing-range fast! To kids, these two words mean freedom! With warm weather on its way, kids are already counting down the days until they can jump for joy at the sound of that lifeguard whistle. But before you dive into pool season, you better make sure your kids have the right swim gear.

Swim goggles are a must-have for young swimmers. Whether it’s their first swim season or their seventh, kids can take on the pool waters with complete comfort and confidence when wearing a pair of swim goggles. And for those that haven’t heard the yet, we have great news for our parents with kid swimmers. Real Kids Shades is diving into the world of swim goggles!

We are excited to announce that we are now the official manufacturer of One Step Ahead Swim Goggles. Similar to our kids’ sunglasses, our swim goggles are designed just for kids with shatterproof, polycarbonate lenses that will protect your kids eyes from UV rays. Little swimmers love our goggles because they never fog up, and they keep eyes chlorine-free. Parents love this, too! No more whining because of of stinging eyes, and even better, no more tears!

One Step Ahead Swim Goggles

Our swim goggles also feature a really soft silicone frame that is more comfortable for kids to wear than other swim goggles on the market, as well as an adjustable sliding strap clip that keeps goggles in place while they’re playing.

Kids wearing One Step Ahead Swim Goggles

Click here to learn more about our One Step Ahead Swim Goggles for kids ages two to five. And while you’re selecting swim goggles for your kids, don’t forget to select a new pair of Real Kids Shades, too, to keep their eyes protected from the sun outside of the pool, too. We have several styles in kid-approved colors to choose from!

Also, don’t forget to enter our Ski & Sun Giveaway! Three prizes are up for grabs. First prize includes at $150 Visa gift card and a choice of three pairs of sunglasses. Second prize includes a $100 Visa gift card and your choice of two pairs of Real Kids Shades. And third prize features a $50 Visa gift card and one pair of sunglasses of the winner’s choice. We’re accepting entries now through midnight on April 26th!