Change is Good – Tips for Developing your Infant’s Vision

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Image via Babble

If you want to help your infant develop healthy vision remember to keep changing things up. Changes in light, perspective and objects will encourage the development of healthy vision.

  • Change the location of your baby’s crib in the room every few weeks. This will give your baby new things to look at and change the location and angle of the light.
  • Change your baby’s position in the crib so light stimulates each eye and retina.
  • Talk to your child from different parts of the room. This will help your baby develop an understanding of the hearing-to-seeing connection and develop multi-sensory use.
  • Hang a mobile in your baby’s crib and then continue to change its location. This will keep your child engaged with the mobile and allow them to notice different objects.
  • Change  your baby’s diaper from different sides to keep things fresh.
  • Feed your baby from alternate sides to keep them engaged and seeing new things in the room.

This information was adapted from the Eye Topics website. Please click here to see more tips on helping to develop your infant’s vision including the need to protect your baby’s eyes from the sun. My First Shades are designed for infants ages 0 – 24 months. They provide serious sun protection and are so comfy your child will actually wear them!


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