Celebrate “Don’t Fry Day” this Friday May 27th

As it is Ultraviolet Awareness Month Prevent Blindness America and The Vision Council are encouraging everyone no matter their age to protect their eyes from ultraviolet (UV) radiation. To get the word out they supporting the celebration of “Don’t Fry Day” this Friday, May 27th. Created by the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention to help reduce the increasing rates of skin cancer in our country, Prevent Blindness America along with The Vision Council want people to be aware that there vision needs just as much protection as their skin.

Whenever you are outdoors it’s extremely important to shield your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays with sunglasses with UV protection, in addition to hats and other protective gear. By taking a few minutes to put on you and your child’s sunglasses you are able to prevent irreversible eye damage. Do your part in spreading the word about UV protection by applying sunscreen and by wearing your sunglasses and having your child wear theirs this Friday on “Don’t Fry Day.”