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How to Protect Your Eyes While Skiing or Snowboarding

As you prepare for your next skiing or snowboarding trip, make sure you are grabbing your winter gear before you head out the door. Often, remembering to bring sufficient eye protection is forgotten. Snow can be very damaging to your eyes, and it’s essential to bring a form of protection with you, especially when you’re… Read more »

Shades Unveiled: Tracing the History of Sunglasses

It’s hard to imagine a world without sunglasses, but for a long time, most humans went without them. Here we take a look at how sunglasses came into being: The first sunglasses The earliest known sunglasses were not the kinds of sunglasses we know and love today. Instead, they were “sun goggles.” Invented by the… Read more »

The Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

When you’re buying a pair of sunglasses, you’re buying them for two reasons: protection and style. As important as sunglasses are for protecting your eyes from sun damage, you also want them to look good while you’re wearing them. However, not all frames look great on the same people In fact, it mainly depends on… Read more »

Mirrored vs. Polarized Sunglasses

When you’re in the market for a new pair of sunglasses, you have plenty of options. Two of the words that you might hear tossed around are “mirrored” and “polarized.” Both types of sunglasses have their advantages, but which one is right for you? Mirrored These sunglasses are as they sound—they contain a mirrored or… Read more »

Snapchat to Release a Pair of Its Own High-Tech Sunglasses

Science-fiction authors have all but exhausted fantastical scenarios in which new technology gives humans the ability to play back and relive captured memories. With the advent of Snap’s Spectacles, however, this idea may become a reality sooner than you think. The social-media company behind Snapchat first unveiled Spectacles late last year with a soft launch… Read more »