Boise, Idaho Named Top City in the U.S. for Eye Health Care

As parents, you receive constant reminders to keep your children up-to-date on physicals and dental check-ups, but how concerned is your community with eye health care? If you live in Boise, Idaho, it’s a major priority. According to a recent announcement in Vision Monday, the city took first place in the Top 10 Eye Healthy Regions for 2013.


The Top 10 Eye Healthy Regions for 2013 was compiled by VSP Vision Care through the results of the 2013 Eye Health Index and were determined based on the rate of eye exams obtained by residents of each city in the index. This is Boise’s first appearance in the top 10, along with Des Moines, Iowa, which debuted at #6. Huge gains were made by #2 Sacramento, CA (#10 in 2012) and #3 Oklahoma City-Tulsa, OK (#9 in 2012).


Here’s the remainder of the list, followed by their spot last year:

4. Wichita, KS (#2)
5. Columbus, OH (#6)
7. Birmingham, AL (#4)
8. Denver, CO (#5)
9. Raleigh, NC (#3)
10. Bay Area, CA (San Jose was #7)


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Source: Vision Monday

The importance of eye health care goes far beyond vision correction. Eye exams can be the first line of defense against major health concerns such as high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure. The unobstructed view of blood vessels in the eye presents a clear opportunity for detection of these conditions. With the Center for Disease Control’s estimate that these diseases affect more than 140 million U.S. residents, early warning can help stem their progression.


Was your city on this list? If not, you can help boost their rating by making eye health care part of your family’s routine. Scheduling regular exams for all members sets a good example for your children and instills habits that will continue to pay dividends as they grow. Visit our “Healthy Talk” section at Real Kids Shades for tips on proactive eye care for early ages, including protection from the sun no matter where you live.