Blade & Swag – Shades Tweens & Parents Can Agree On

For those with kids nearing their middle school years, you’ve probably experienced the ordeal of trying to find clothes and accessories your kids will wear… including sunglasses! Oftentimes, it’s a struggle to find shades they like in the store because many times the sunglasses designed for this age group feature cartoon characters and look as if they were made for little kids (much too childish for kids in the double digits!), or resemble something Mom and Dad wear, reducing the cool factor. You may find yourself wondering if a happy medium actually exists!


Fortunately, two of our newest styles for tweens are sunglasses you and your child can agree on. Our Blade and Swag models have the cool factor that kids are looking for, offering a more grownup look than their younger siblings’ sunglasses, as well as the UV protection you know they need.


Both you and your kids will love these sunglasses as they’re super protective and ultra cool. The shatterproof lenses shield your child’s eyes with 100 percent protection from UV rays, while the polycarbonate frames in a wrap-around design guard against peripheral light. Plus, the flexible temples make these shades the perfect option for all outdoor adventures. In an open edge style just like those of your kids’ favorite superheroes, these sunglasses come in the colors of black/lime, graphite/orange, royal/red and white/navy. Blade sunglasses are also available in a polarized option with our P2 technology.

sunglasses for kids 10 and up

Blade Shades for Tweens

Swag sunglasses feature an iconic wayfarer style, but are specifically designed to fit comfortably on kids ages 10 and up. The most colorful of all our sunglasses, these shades come in nine different tones and combinations — black, black/blue, black/green, black/orange, black/pink, black/red, red, white and white/black — making them the perfect choice if you want to buy sunglasses for two or more kids and be able to tell the difference between pairs. Imagine no more sibling arguments over sunglasses! The frames are made from a soft, but impact-resistant polycarbonate for comfort and robustness, while professional-grade polycarbonate mirror lenses provide 100 percent UVA and UVB protection.

stylish sunglasses for kids age 10 and up

Swag Shades for Tweens

Blade and Swag are just two of our stylish options available for the tween crowd. Check out all we have to offer for this age group on the Real Kids website.