Best Snowboarding & Skiing for Kids in US

 Little Skier On The Ski Lift

Vacationing with family during the winter at a ski resort can be fun if the place is kid-friendly and has equipment for both adults and children. The best ski resorts in the country offer instruction facilities for kids that teach on artificial slopes and also have entertainment facilities for members that do not engage in skiing, just incase you have a first-timer that’s not totally sold on snow sports.  Here are few ski resorts that have family friendly accommodation and great skiing facilities for both experts and novices. 

Vail – Colorado 

This ski resort is famous for its skiing school and teachers who teach students in different groups based on their knowledge of snowboarding. It is also located within close proximity to restaurants and bistros near the facility. Plus, the snowy mountains in Vail, Colorado are something to see at least once in your life.

Aspen Snowmass

This family-friendly, mountain resort teaches the basics of skiing to children and adults across their practice range that is spread across three different courses. This Aspen-based resort has facilities for handling small kids when parents go skiing and sometimes engage them in special programs like tobogganing around the rink to get them accustomed to the snow. 

Bretton Woods Mountain Resort – New Hampshire 

This picturesque resort adjacent to the Mountain Washington Hotel is among the oldest skiing centers in the nation that also has a heated pool that guests can enjoy when there is snow outside. Children enjoy vacationing to this location as much as adults as they can take part in activities like cooking, crafting, and movies. 

Beaver Creek Resort – Colorado 

This scenic ski resort has been awarded for excellent safety mechanisms by the National Ski Area Association and is popular among families in the state for skiing adventures. The resort is located close to a shopping area, making it convenient for purchasing required gear like eyewear and helmets for skiing as well as renting out the other equipment like skis from the resort itself.