Best Hotels for Kids in the US that Aren’t Disney World


Families nowadays are getting in touch with their desires to explore. Kids are naturally programmed to be curious and fearless, but it is a blessing to be able to join them and create new experiences as a family. Aside from the most obvious kid-friendly attractions in the US, there are some seriously cool hotels that both you and your kids will love that offer a unique and unforgettable experience. Here are some of the best hotels for kids in the US.

  • Treehouse at Adventure Suites (North Conway, New Hampshire)- This resort offers so many unique hotel room options such as a treehouse suite, alien club room, primal cave room, jungle safari room, and even a movie theater room. Catering to an array of interests and personalities, your kids will be able to tap into their creative and adventurous spirits.

  • Great Wolf Lodge (various locations)- With 11 locations across the map, The Great Wolf Lodge hotels offer indoor log cabin rooms that allow your family to get the feel of a real log cabin without actually giving up electricity. Not to mention, each locations have a water park as well as daily activities. These are a great option for a unique birthday party or just a weekend getaway with the family.

  • Legoland (Carlsbad, California)- Legoland is a big park and attraction featuring all structures made from, you guessed it: legos! Choose from a variety of hotel room themes like the pirate room, adventure room, and kingdom room while staying close by to the park for easy access.

  • Treehouse Resort (Cave Junction, Oregon)- This park takes treehouses to an entirely new level. Luxurious treehouses sitting high in the air with a modern twist will be unforgettable for any child or parent. Nearby explorations like ziplines and Tarzan swings are ready for the thrill-seeking family.

  • Westin Hotels (various locations)- Don’t rule out the big name hotels; sometimes they’re the best option as they have something for everyone. For example, Westin Hotels with locations all across the US and even around the world are well known for their interest in catering to families with children. There are so many fun amenities, and kids are offered discounts at restaurants, bedtime stories, and even day care services with activities and crafts included if the parents would like a little break.