Best Eye Exercises for Kids to Assist with Learning & Success

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Eyeglasses and contact lenses allow kids to see properly for lessons at school and during sports practice, putting them at no disadvantage to children with perfect vision. Unfortunately, corrective eyewear does nothing to protect eyes from growing weaker, and kids will need stronger lenses over time. However, by practicing eye exercises, you can help your kids improve their vision and even prevent the need for glasses in the future. Here are a few to try, suggested by Rebuild Your Vision.

Source: Shutterstock
Source: Shutterstock

Memory Exercises

In memory exercises, an image appears on your computer screen for a few seconds and then disappears. Your child must try to remember as much about the picture as possible. With practice, it becomes easier to recall more details. Search online to find these fun memory games.

Eye Shifting

To practice shifting focus, hang a calendar on the wall and stand your child about 10 feet away. Holding a pencil close to your child’s face, ask your child to switch focus from the pencil to numbers on the calendar. Repeat this at a single distance at least 10 times, then practice the activity standing closer to or farther from the calendar.

Eye Tracking

If your child often skips words or loses place while reading, this can be a particularly beneficial exercise. Hang some string around a small ball and hold it at your child’s nose height. Swing the ball back and forth, then side to side, telling your child to follow the movement.

Eye Movement Exercises

There are several eye movement exercises you can do without any props; for instance, rotating the eyes in clockwise then counterclockwise circles or writing letters with the eyes. Another option is to picture a large clock. As you call out numbers, have your child look to where they would be on the clock.

For all the above exercises, make sure that your child blinks regularly and uses the eyes only, keeping the head still.

You can also help your kids’ eyes by protecting them from UV rays and injuries during outdoor activities. Find the best kids sports sunglasses in Real Kids’ collection.

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