Back to School Eye Exams

Attention moms and dads, school is less than a month away and your child needs an eye exam upon returning. Scheduling your child a back-to-school comprehensive eye exam is important because in the first 12 years 80% of what your child learns is visual. Having good vision is a critical element to your child’s learning and 86% of students return to school without having exams. Now is the perfect time to schedule ensuring your child has an appointment before school begins. When planning your child’s back-to-school appointment with the eye doctor consider these tips:childs eye exam

  1. Schedule the appointment when your child is not likely to be sleepy or hungry. Schedule around your child’s ‘cranky’ time of day.
  2. Make a list of your questions and bring it with you. Take notes when speaking to the doctor, so that you can refer to them later.
  3. Have a plan ready in case you need to spend time in the waiting room. Bring a favorite book, coloring book or small toy that your child can play with quietly. A snack can also help to pass the time.
  4. Have the doctor explain what is being done, step by step, and encourage the child to ask questions.
  5. Bring your child’s favorite cuddly toy. The doctor can “examine” the bear or doll and holding a toy may keep little hands off of expensive equipment.
  6. Relax. Children look to their parents for cues: if you seem nervous, your child may become anxious. A trip to the eye doctor should be fun for both of you.

Tips adapted from Prevent Blindness America.