Baby and Infant Sunglasses Round Up!

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Lately, here on the Real Kids Shades Blog, we have been talking a lot about the importance of eye protection for the littlest ones in the family. For babies and infants, sunglasses are not only an essential aspect of sun protection, but they are also an important part of a routine that should be established at a young age. Fortunately, with our Real Kids Shades infant sunglasses that are designed specifically to fit babies’ heads comfortably, it’s easy to get children in the habit of wearing glasses at a young age. Here’s a little bit more about our sunglasses selections for infants.

My First Shades

The goal of our sunglasses for infants up to 3 years old is to provide sun protection that is two-fold. First, we want the glasses to provide complete eye protection from UVA and UVB rays. Secondly, we want them to be comfortable, strong and cute so that both you and your baby will enjoy them!

RKS - My First Shades
Infant shades

Xtreme Elements

These sunglasses are perfect for the active babies! With a soft, adjustable neoprene band, foam-backed polycarbonate edges, and shatterproof lenses, these classes will stay put to protect even the most rambunctious of toddlers.

RKS - Xtreme Element
Xtreme Element for ages 3-7

Sun Hat Combo Pack

The soft, delicate skin on babies’ head also needs to stay protected from the sunlight. Designed to offer the ultimate in sun protection, our Sun Hat Combo Pack comes with sunglasses as well as a wide brim hat that boasts UPF 50 for sun protection of both eyes and skin.

RKS - Sun Hat Combo Pack
Infant sunglasses

What sort of combination do you think your infant or toddler would benefit from the most? Tell us your experiences with babies’ sunglasses!

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