Babies Need Sunglasses, Too!

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Many parents see baby sunglasses as a cute accessory; others see them as a frustration when the baby refuses to keep the shades on. However, sunglasses are actually very important for sun protection, just as much as so, in fact, as for kids of any other age.


Source: Real Kids Shades
Real Kids Shades

Why Babies Need Sunglasses

The lens, cornea, and fluids in a child’s eyes are clearer than in an adults’ eyes, meaning short wavelength light is able to reach the retina, which can lead to cataracts in later life, Baby Expert explains. In addition, experts estimate that people receive between 60 and 80 percent of sun exposure before they turn 18. As we mentioned in a previous post, children are most susceptible to sun damage prior to the age of 10.


What to Look For in Baby Sunglasses

Look out for these features, named by PRLog and Real Kids, in any baby sunglasses before you buy:

  • Impact-resistant lenses. The best lenses are made from polycarbonate as they are 10 times stronger than standard plastic and lighter for added comfort.
  • UVA and UVB protection. Shades should be third-party tested to filter 100 percent of rays and should ideally have a rating of UV 400.
  • A lack of flaws. Scratches, bubbles, and distortions can cause your baby to squint or cry and may give him a headache.
  • Wrap-around frames. Designs offer maximum protection when they guard against both direct light and peripheral light from reflective surfaces.
  • Translucent lenses. When lenses are opaque, babies find it difficult to communicate, particularly if they have not yet learned to talk.
  • Look for comfort. Reduce the risk that your baby will take off the sunglasses by ensuring shades have a comfortable fit. Sunglasses should  be neither too loose nor too tight. Banded designs are perfect for very young babies.


Real Kids’ has Sunglasses for Babies

At Real Kids, we have two models of sunglasses designed just for babies: Explorer and My First Shades. Both feature a wrap-around design, are made from polycarbonate lenses, and offer 100 percent UVA and UVB protection.

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