Getting Your Kids Into the Habit of Wearing Sunglasses

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kids wearing sunglasses sitting on grass

Humans are creatures of habit. When you start developing habits when you are very young, those habits stay with you well into adulthood. Sun protection is no exception. If you started wearing sunglasses when you were young, chances are that you wear them regularly as an adult. So, when it comes to your kids, makeRead more…

4 Dangers You Face When Not Wearing Sunglasses

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Although sunglasses are considered to be more of a fashion statement than functional eyewear, they can nevertheless protect the eyes from sun damage. UV rays are invisible to the eyes, but they can still cause serious damage including snow blindness and even macular degeneration. Here are some more risks you’re running when you step outRead more…

Four Key Reasons to Wear Sunglasses this Winter

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Everything You Need to Know About Snow Blindness

When you hear the word “winter,” you typically think of snowflakes, sledding, hot chocolate, freezing temperatures and ice on the roads. When we hear the word “sunglasses,” we tend to think about the summer season, when sunny days rule the weeks and we hit the beach and enjoy outdoor activities. However, wearing sunglasses is justRead more…

How Sight Affects a Child’s Learning Process

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How Sigh Affects a Child's Learning Process

Did you know that 80 percent of our perception, learning, and cognition comes from our vision? Most of our memories are created from visual data, as well as our ability for critical thinking and retaining information. As such, anything that interferes with our vision can affect our learning, especially in children. Here are two majorRead more…