Athletes Protect their Eyes During Sochi Winter Games

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The Winter Olympic Games are well underway in Sochi and everyone at Real Kids is having a blast watching the best athletes in the world compete in all the thrilling events! How about your family?


While watching the Sochi Olympics, we can’t help but notice the large number of athletes using protective eyewear. As we’ve shared before, fresh snow is great for a whole range of winter sports, but can also be dangerous for the eyes. Snow can actually reflect up to 80 percent of UV radiation and can cause snow blindness. You are at an even higher risk of this condition at high altitudes where the atmosphere is thinner. Plus, bits of snow, ice and other debris can be quite irritating for the eyes. If athletes neglect proper eye protection, they could be at risk for permanent eye and vision damage.


To keep their eyes safe from the sun and other irritants, athletes need goggles or glasses made from a durable, transparent polycarbonate plastic (just like shades from Real Kids), the same material used for bulletproof glass, explains Journal Sentinel. This shields the eyes from snow particles and debris without obscuring the athlete’s view. The frames are made from stretchy plastics and lined with foam padding to keep goggles secure and comfortable while avoiding pressure around the face, ears and head. Many goggles now feature dual lenses with air vents and special coating to prevent fogging, and some even enable athletes to switch between different tints to meet changing weather conditions.


Take a look below at some of the athletes setting a great example in Sochi by sporting their protective eyewear!


For indoor athletes, like speed skaters Joji Kato and Mo Tae-bum, glasses protect the eyes from ice particles that can break free from the skating rink.

protective sunglasses for kids
Source: The Guardian

Outdoor athletes, such as skiers and snowboarders, must use goggles and sunglasses to protect their eyes from snow blindness, wind and other hazards. Knowing the risk of falls from his sport, Shaun White dons goggles to protect his eyes from snow and other debris while snowboarding.

sunglasses for winter sports
Source: The New York Times

Sophie Caldwell shows that eyewear can go beyond protection from snow blindness with her trendy sunglasses.


sporty sunglasses for kids
Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Kids often want to be like their favorite sports stars, and Real Kids has the sunglasses your kids need to keep their eyes safe while at play this winter… just like their Olympic heroes! Our new and improved line of kids’ sunglasses offers protection from the sun through impact-resistant options that are perfect for kids who enjoy winter sports.

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