Are Sunglasses the “Sunscreen” for the Eyes?

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UV Eye Protection
These Xtreme Elements sunglasses are a great example of how protection from the sun can also be fun for kids.

Across the country, optometrists can’t say “protective eyewear” enough. Although sight is one of our body’s most important senses, it’s also one that tends to be taken for granted. This has prompted optometrist Rachel Click, O.D. in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina to reach out to young families in the area to provide a variety of necessary resources for proper eye care.

According to an article from the American Optometric Association, preserving sight is the main goal for Dr. Click’s practice at Preferred Eyecare Center. While participating in local health fairs and community service, the team meets with families in the area and educates them on the importance of eye safety and having regular eye exams. Once patients come into the office, Dr. Click is then able to recommend UV protection to each and every patient, explaining that protective sunglasses are like sunscreen for the eyes.

The need for healthy sight is certainly a great one and something we should remember each day. Have you seen any other local businesses or organizations that are doing their part to educate families on the importance of eye care? We would love to hear about them in our comments section.

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